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· 2 min read
Marcel Scherzer

Friday night and after "investing" 225 hours in Valheim I have finally unlocked the "bordom" achievment. It's a lonely life being the sole viking in a hostile land.

So here I am; switching up my friday nights entertainment by setting up this Blog. An exercise which might well serve double duty as the topic for the first couple of posts.

This should be a nice place to maintain a collection of scripts, tools, videos, rants and other odss and ends.

If the site is found to be helpfull or entertaining all the better.

Alrighty, with a readership of one and the bar set low lets go!

Queue the evervescent Miss Monique and lets map out tonights adventure.

My Ideal Blog

The goal tonight is to tick of all the boxes in this "blog" wishlist and to nail the bonus challenge.

  • The ability to author docs in any tool that can process plain text.
  • A format that is easily readable in any tool that can open a text document.
  • Files I can store on my NAS, version in GIT or easily share on a USB drive.
  • Host the file content as a nice looking website. (your are on it now)
  • Not bothering with a lot of writing code, but having the option to do so.
  • Have minimal hosting costs.
  • Is not a pain in the arse to publish new content.

Bonus challenge

  • Have the ability to automatically scale to massive number of users.
  • Maintain full redundancy for the site even if an entire data center fails.
  • Secure the site with SSL
  • Use my own domain name.
  • See how cheap I can achieve the above.

The process and rational for achieving all the above will make a nice series of posts and provide a nice opportunity for reflection as well as maybe a tutorial.

It's late the site is up, Miss Monique is spinning her last track and its time to hit the sack.

Peace Out. 🤘