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VIM essentials

· 2 min read
Marcel Scherzer

Vim Essentials =+-

In my opinion the best way to fast tracking your VIM skill set is to understand some principle concepts.

In most cases commands can be strung together as follows:

1 - The action to perfom - (operator) command. 2 - The number of "objects" against which the action is to be applied 3 - Which "text object motion"

Essential motions:

tJust before character
wforward beginning of word
bbackward beginngin of word
eforward end of word
[[next section
$end of line
0beginning of line
^non empty space on line
wforward N words at a time
eforward to the end of the word

Essentials commands

cchange inside: ", ', {, ( [, t
ppaste after / P paste before
g~swap case
gulower case
gUupper case
.repeat command